Privacy Policy

This privacy statement discloses what information we gather and how we use it.

  • (the site, herefurther) is an endeavour solely in the service of mankind with no expectations of receiving any gains save for the satisfcation of spreading the divine intelligence left on this earth by Shri Krishna. 
  • The site shall strive to not willfully disclose any personal details of any members, applicants for membership, any other subscribers to its various events or outputs or any general visitors (all collectively termed as the “visitors”) to any third party, save as
  • Required by any legal provisions, authorities, regulators either in the demanded of it by law or situations at law.
  • “Visitors” if sharing any information through any feature of the website with any other parties including other “visitors” as distinct from the site shall do so at their sole discretion and responsibility.
  • If any third party product, process, service or execution process is involved, it would be self-explanatory (the site shall not have responsibility to explain privacy policies of those) and in achieving the end result of such process(es) data that may pass through such a chain shall be subject to any additional policies of the said third parties which the “visitors” shall be solely responsible for coming to be aware of or agreeing to by proceeding with the transaction processes, in the context of privacy policy.


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